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"Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power" ~ Benito Mussolini
However, the Italian word Mussolini used was Corporazione, which means guild, not corporation.

This was reinforced on March 27, 2010, by political and economics analyst, Webster Tarpley, host of “World Crisis Radio”, who is fluent in Italian. In the second segment of the first hour of the show, he said, “Corporate does not mean corporation in the modern sense of a joint stock company, it means a medieval guild. And a guild, the idea that the ownership and the workers are inextricably linked

But would a merger of Corporate and State powers, still be considered be Fascist?

What is Fascism?

Nationalism is the main foundation of Fascism. This is the view of a nation as a single organic entity which binds people together by their ancestry and is a natural unifying force of people [02]. One of the economic policies of fascism, is that their economies are subordinate to the state. The state may intervene in an economy to protect large Monopolistic (Similar to Totalitarianism) or Oligopolistic businesses (Oligarchy) from competition by smaller firms. The domination of government by private players, who use it to suppress competition and secure their profits, is the opposite of Socialism [03].

Fascism's economic theory of Corporatism involves the management of sectors within an economy by government or privately controlled organizations (Corporations) [04] [05]. A Corporatocracy is the system of government in which a Corporation, group of Corporations or entities run by Corporations, control the direction and governance of a country, either directly or indirectly [06] [07]. They may seek laws and governmental policies that promote their business profitability. A Plutocracy is the rule and domination by a small minority of the wealthiest citizens.
Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism ~ by Dr. Lawrence Britt (


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, boarding between Russia (To the east and northeast), Belarus (To the northwest),
Poland, Slovakia and Hungary (In the west), Romania and Moldova (To the southwest).
Also, the Black Sea and Sea of Azov is located to the south and southeast of Ukraine [01].

The Administrative divisions of Ukraine

Ukraine is a unitary state, thus, the provinces do not have much legal scope of competence other than that which is established in the Ukrainian Constitution and by law [02].
Unitary State: A unitary state is a state governed as one single unit in which the central government is supreme and any administrative divisions (Sub-national units) exercise only powers that their central government chooses to delegate [03].

Ukraine is subdivided into 27 regions:
24 Oblasts, 1 Autonomous Republic, and 2 Cities with a special Status
Oblast: An administrative division. The word translates to 'Zone', 'Province', or 'Region'.

A Ukrainian Oblast refers to one of Ukraine's 24 primary administrative units.
An Autonomous Oblast, is an Autonomous Entity within the state which is on an Oblast (Province) [04] [05].
The province or state is not clearly subordinate to the national or central government.
Rather, it is considered to be sovereign in regard to its particular set of constitutional functions.
Those that are not specifically identified are called "residual powers".
Autonomous Republic: A type of administrative division similar to a province or state.

The 1992 Crimean Constitution established Crimea as an independent state linked to, but not part of Ukraine.
Crimean leaders declared the independence of the peninsula under a constitution that proclaimed Crimea to be a republic within Ukraine, provided that Crimean laws would have priority over Ukrainian laws, established Russian as the official language of the territory, and allowed Crimea to conduct its own foreign policy [06] [07].

Cities With A Special Status

Additionally, the cities of Kiev, the capital, and Sevastopol, both have a special legal status.

Kiev is the capital and the largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River.
The municipality of the city of Kiev has a special legal status within Ukraine, the most significant difference is that the city is considered as a region of Ukraine [08].

Sevastopol is a city on the Black Sea, located in the southwestern region of the Crimean Peninsula.
It is a de facto federal city of the Russian Federation and part of the Crimean Federal District [09].
Following the horrors of the Gaza strip, I've decided to look into whether the Zionist agenda is really about providing a homeland to Jews, or if this is just being used as an excuse to confiscate land, while ethnically cleansing the inhabitants.

During the time of the Holocaust, what is the likelihood that the Jewish people were sacrificed, so that the Zionists could claim Indemnity?

Based on what I've found, there are discrepancies between the two records, “American Jewish Yearbook” and “World Almanac”.
Were the 6 million Jews actually a Rubber Number, being used as propaganda to further the Zionist movement?
Which record is more important? Which one represents the true number of Jews during those times?

According to the “American Jewish Yearbook”, 6 million Jews died between 1933 and 1950.
The Jewish Population of Europe (1933) was 9.5 million (60% of the world total). If this is the case, then, the other 40% would equate to being 6.33 million. Making the worlds total Jewish population at that time 15.83 million.

By 1950, the Jewish population of Europe was reduced to 3.5 million (6 million deaths).
If one third (1:3) of Jews lived in Europe, then the other 66.6% would equal 7 million.
Making the worlds total population at that time 10.5 million.

Out of that 66.6%, 51% lived in North and South America, with the remaining 15.6% living in other parts of the world [01].

However, according to the “World Almanac” for 1933 and 1948,
the number of Jews living in Europe was 9.4 million for 1933 and 9.3 million in 1948 [02].
The “World Almanac” has been widely regarded as the most authentic source for the world's Jewish population numbers.

World Almanac (1933)

North America: 4,383,643
South America: 293,474
Europe: 9,494,363
Asia: 582,609
Africa: 530,869
Oceania: 30,401

Total: 15,315,359

World Almanac (1948)

North America: 4,971,261
South America: 228,958
Europe: 9,372,666
Asia: 572,930
Africa: 542,869
Oceania: 26,954

Total: 15,715,638
From this information, we can see that the worlds Jewish population increased by 400,279 between 1933 and 1948 (15 Years).

If 6 million Jews died after 1933, then by 1948 the Jewish population of Europe would need to have increased from 3.4 million to 9.3 million. A birth rate of 5.8 million in 15 years time.

In the regions of South America, Asia, and Oceanica, the number of Jews has decreased by 77,642 (Excluding Europe).
While the Jewish populations of North America and Africa have increased by 599,618.

Even if those 77,642 Jews had migrated to Europe, they wouldn't have increased Europe's population by 5.8 million.
If the population of Jews in other countries hadn't decreased by 5.8 million, then where did Hitler get the 5.8 million Jews that supposedly died?


I started using DeviantART's "" as my personal online draft book.
I can also share PDF's and MS.Doc's.






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